Recently, I’ve been a master salesman, sales trainer, author, and speaker sharing a message of hope and inspiration. I also provide inspiration coaching to help people draw out the inspiration from within them and to help overcome personal obstacles in their life.

I’m committed to serving a wide range of clientele by providing inspirational and motivational talks and coaching. If you are interested in booking me to speak at your school, company, or organization, please contact me to discuss possibilities.

My recent projects include publishing the third and final edition of my book in 2015, Escaping My Shadow, which I’ve written with co-author David Reisman (click here to read it online – or order the book here). My other project, which is my true passion, gives me the opportunity to give inspirational and motivational talks to people all over. To that end, I’ve recently created my core inspirational talk, The Inspired Life.

In the year 2000, I was President of Visioneer’s Toastmasters Club #8839 in Duarte, California. That year, while still a fugitive from Texas, I was Club President and C.T.M. I led the club to its first President’s Distinguished Club Award, the highest honor from Toastmasters International, which put our club in the top two percent of clubs worldwide.

While improving our communication and leadership skills, the club was dedicated to sharing our vision with the children in the local area. Alongside the Immediate Past President, D.T.M. Henry Ochoa, I had the privilege of working with children from Valley View Elementary in Duarte. 100% of the children that participated in the speech program also participated in the talent show that year because of their newfound confidence, and they did a great job. Later, in 2006 I was the Keynote Inspirational Speaker for some of those very same students from Valley View.

Six years later, I was at the Groundhog Mentor Day at City Hall for Duarte High School, along with local business owners, the Mayor of Duarte, Tzeitel Paras-Caracci, and the organization  America’s Promise led, by Ret. General Colin L. Powell, USA. My speech was about Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid and main subjects included goal setting, positive role models, and never giving up. That day I was deeply impacted by my talk and realized that I had unfinished business at an educational leader training program that I had given up on five years prior. I then decided to leave a six figure income job to go back and complete the program I had essentially quit. This time I completed the program in three quarters of the time allotted, thanks to my coach who pushed me, and I finally became an effective introduction leader for a world-class educational organization.

Since then I’ve spoken at many high schools including special education departments, intervention classes, sales classes and at alternative education schools to students separated for infractions as well as non-profit organizations and meet up groups. In 2010 I left the automobile industry and recently, I’ve left the solar industry for which I was a salesman and top producer for one of California’s forerunning solar integrators. For 2013 I was awarded highest honors as “Top Closer” for generating more revenue than any other sales representative at our company then achieved top sales at a new company in 2014. Now it’s 2015 and I’m stepping full time into promoting my book, talks and coaching.

I have real experience and I understand the pain of being a complete failure in life…But I also understand what it feels like to overcome difficult challenges, and put in the work to enjoy success, honor, and glory! My new talk The Inspired Life has a powerful message that inspires people to go beyond their doubts, limitations and fears, to step into their own dreams and possibilities…

For 2015 I plan to deliver my new talk and workshop to inspire and empower more people than ever before. Please, read my story here at no charge, and hopefully I can inspire you as well.

My core talk, Escaping My Shadow is available now. For more information about my core talk, click here. To book me for a inspirational speaking engagement, please contact me.

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