Hi, I’m Walter Rossie Jr., and today my life is amazing! It wasn’t always like that for me, though. As a matter of fact, by my early teens I started getting into trouble in school, then with the law. By 1995, at the age of 25, I had become a homeless criminal, addicted to drugs, and leading a very self-destructive and violent lifestyle. Running from the law and my past with reckless abandon, living life on the edge and risking everything.

That year I had a profound realization and turned my life around completely. I stopped living a life of crime, went for my dreams and got my life on the right track. After receiving much specialized training in sales, public speaking, transformational education, and leadership, I’m now ready to share my story and be of service by impacting the lives of others.

I am currently available for inspirational speaking engagements as well as awareness and inspiration coaching.

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